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Diana Martinez

Digital killed the analog star



CHALLENGE: Forever Yours

My Halloween illustration concept, "Forever Yours" is inspired by the Day of the Dead and vintage Mexican cinema posters. Composition will be the face of a woman with a painted skull mask on her face, framed by dark hair in big sweeping curves, doves and flowers. Mood is to be forlorn and a bit spooky, as I hope to make her appear as a dead woman masquerading as a living one, instead of vice versa.  I'd like for the point of view be her looking up at the viewer (the smaller thumbnail sketch shows this view a bit more), but I think I will want to only give the appearance of her having a neck with the negative space formed by the arrangement of her hair. I hope to include hand-drawn typography with the title in the illustration. Color palette: cream, charcoal and warm greys, deep red, chocolate, burnt orange. Textures: lace and floral patterns will be used in the dark tones of her hair and the dark eyes of the "Dead" makeup.

Color palette:


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