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Ya Marfa

Beginner creative programmer ...



CHALLANGE for Halloween Print Contest


My illustration is called "Here you are my baby doll"...

When thinking about Haloween a number of visual clichés are quickly comming to our minds like evil pumpkin, blood, crooked spooky house with ghosts, telling the same story. But we can think of it differently, of a different story? I've taken the halloween's "creep" motive as a starting point of my story. Which is to be interpreted by each one individually :)

So here is the final version:

The color choice echoes the halloween threesome: orange/yellow/black and is reintrpreted by the following colors:

20282B / E8E3D5 / CA4427

The limited color pallette is an very strong device, making image even stronger and accetuating its dynamics and reinforcing the relation of the image parts into a strong whole.

Some of the nuances is played by the transparency and overlaying modes.


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