Sheli Weiss




"CF Sucks Agate Statement Necklace"


I fell in love with the design of this necklace before the box was even available to purchase!  

Day 1: I decided to use some rainbow ribbon that I had for many years, instead of the embroidery thread included in the box.  The video was awesome!  I ordered pizza for the boys, put on Bridesmaids, locked the bedroom door, and got to work!  I finished the ribbon and chain the first night, buy couldn't decide on how I wanted to attach the agate.

Day 2: I was eagerly looking forward to finishing my project in the evening, but I had to take my son to the doctor first.  He has Cystic Fibrosis and his lung function dropped to 54%!!!!!!!  He had to be admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks........grrrrrrrr.  No finishing my necklace that night:(

Day 5:  My son is feeling much better, but still has to be hooked up to a ton of machines and crap.  He was happily building a LEGO kit in bed, so I finally was able to get to work (yes, I always bring my jewelry supplies to the hospital)!  I fiddled with the pendant for a while...couldn't get the rainbow ribbon to cooperate.  I decided to use some crystal components and thread to attach the agate...Ding-Dang I am satisfied!!!! I titled it CF Sucks because, well, Cystic Fibrosis sucks.

Don't know why my pics are sideways, but oh well:)


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