John Somers

Visual designer



CD cover for Maaike Ouboter - Jij de koning (You are the king)

I'm going to design a cover for the single Jij de koning (You are the king) from Maaike Ouboter. She is a sing a song writer who made here debut this year in the dutch television show The greatest sing a songwriter of Holland. With here audition she let a lot of people cry while she was singing here song. You can see it here:

She inspired me with here lyrics, here song Jij de koning ( is a song that she has written for here brother. With my design for the cover I wanna tell a story where an indian and the king growing up and dreaming about there childhood. They are getting older but are still young.

Moodboard to inspire me for colouring en illustration style:

Here are my sketches:

I've digitalised them in Illustrator:

And after that I've made the composition and the final render in Photoshop:

Playing with some effects created this final result:


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