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Eugenie Hadinoto

Graphic Designer, Teacher




Preparing the project

I tried to keep things simple, as I don´t have a lot of screenprinting experience ... and chose an old design of mine to which I added a texture and a shadow. Thanks to the videos preparing the design for screenprinting wasn´t that difficult ... (The only thing, that required some thinking, was finding a way to place my cropmarks in Adobe Photoshop ..)




Problems started, when it came to screenprinting ;o))

1.) Some curves were too thin:

2.) The crop marks were not in place, because I mixed tif- and pdf files for seperating the colors (the motiv on the tif file was slightly smaller than the one on the pdf file)

3.) One tape went off the screen while printing (I didn´t realize) and so I printed one cropmark by mistake ...

4.) The shadow didn´t come out as it should have done (I pressed too much colour through the screen ..) and the texture on the background was hardly visible

But still, I had a lot of fun during the screenprinting session and at least I managed to produce 5 pieces with no really bad mistake ;o))


Thanks, Danny for the valuable tipps and the videos!


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