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CAT OWLS - for cool cats

I make cat owls and I will be launching them as part of my product line - DOONYAYA - all handmade everything for "a kickass kid's room". All my products are one-of-a-kind with vintage fabrics and natural materials. The entire line will include tee-pees, stuffed animals & monsters, wooden wall hooks and bunting (those cool triangle flags). I also have a DIY lifestyle blog: that I started as the platform for my products, inspiration and ideas. 

For the cat owls I'm thinking of ways to package & market these so that they each have their own identity (different names? family members that are different sizes? adoption papers? back story of some kind for each one? some kind of lore about their origins?) 


I use my blog as my main social media. Here is an example of a post:


I've been using facebook to promote and link back to my blog. The posts that get the most action are Tutorials/DIYs. Although they are not directly accociated with cat owls, I'm hoping that this will create a brand of myself & my DIY-mommy lifestyle. I consider the tutorials, round-ups and promotion of other makers my "jabs". But I'm not sure if my facebook posts are too broad and should stick closer to my products....Here's an example:

Check out my new tutorial - make new toddler shirts out of old ones:

I'm going to start adding my logo to some of the post pics, as suggested by Gary. For the "hooks" I'm going to link people to my etsy site to buy my products.


I looooove Pinterest and think it's a great platform for artists, crafters & designers. I have gotten a lot of followers by promoting other people's work and blogs. I'm not sure how to promote my own work with it, though, except by sneaking in some of my own blog posts to my boards. Is there something else I could be doing? Here's an example of my pinterest page:


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