CAOTICARTE [or CHAOTICART] - student project

this is a work-in-progress project, since I will be posting exercises as I make them.
how fun is this class! I'm enjoying myself so much, even though I haven't been able to shut the negative voices up in my head. I'm openly ignoring them, though, and that also has been fun.

this is exercise one:

CAOTICARTE [or CHAOTICART] - image 1 - student project

there were a couple of things I discovered along the way:
* I love pencil over pencil, and watercolor pencils are also able to blend
* Tombow pens bleed lovely
* using black Ecoline instead of ink I get bleeds that I don't necessarily like...

exercise two:

CAOTICARTE [or CHAOTICART] - image 2 - student project

(exercises in art – Chaoticart)

exercise three:

CAOTICARTE [or CHAOTICART] - image 3 - student project

3.1: self-portrait with eyes closed – it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, although I made a really simple drawing.

CAOTICARTE [or CHAOTICART] - image 4 - student project

3.2: self-portrait with left hand – it turned out way better than I expected, considering I'm lousy using my left hand. I also wrote my note with my left hand, and that turned out barely intelligible... haha

CAOTICARTE [or CHAOTICART] - image 5 - student project

3.3: drawing to music: I can't stop the feeling when I listen to Justin Timberlake's Can't stop the feeling... it's just my absolute favorite song at the moment, and it makes me go crazy (in a good way!) every time I listen to it. I think it's pretty clear through the colors and strokes of my drawing, right? :)

here I used watercolor, crayons, white Posca paint pen, and a sprinkle of gold ink.

exercise four:

CAOTICARTE [or CHAOTICART] - image 6 - student project

here, I used a picture of a cat as reference. the first drawing on the top left was made with a regular B pencil, then I used only colored pencils on the second one, ink pen in the third, one-stroke watercolor on the fourth and a mixture of ink pen and watercolor on the last one.

(until next exercise!)