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Nicki France

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Here's the file I worked with (really low res, annoying watermark)


and here's the finished file.  I used primarily shapes and the pen tool to build this thing.  That part was largely manageable, but the copy + ComandF function does not work for me for some reason.  It only seems to post not to the front of the image but literally only to the front of the selection.  I have to manually go into Object-Arrange-bring to front every single time, which is a huge time waster and really annoying.

The clipping masks for textures also gave a spotty performance.  The first time I used it and followed instructions for applying the texture (on the red uptop) the texture selection box? grid? disappeared and I couldn't transform it in scale or size, nor could I change the color.  I had to undo it, change it to the color I wanted and roughly align it the way I wanted before I made the clipping mask again.

Same for the hat.  The method in the video is only working haflway for me?  And I don't know how or why.  I really like applying textures in my digital work, but it looks like Photoshop is the most superior program to do that with.

If anyone has any idea why my keyboard shortcuts for copy front and back don't work, I'd be happy to know. Also if anyone has any pointers on making the bitmap texture process easier or more like the one in the videos, thanks.


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