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Hayden Keeley

Founder/Owner/Creative Direction



C&A Habiliments






When crafting this design there were many elements of streetwear culture that came into consideration. Not only did I want to create something that would be appealing to the 15-30 year old market, but I wanted it to stay true to our brand value and ideology of spreading positive messages. Understanding that there's a fine line between being clever and corny, I asked myself "what do teenagers want to wear?" I needed something provocative, something that would attract attention, something that could be hash-tagged and shared on social media, and something that would give the consumer a sense of uniqueness.

"Cocaine Virgins" is an enigmatic phrase with a message hidden in plain sight. By juxtaposing two words with contrasting connotative qualities, I was able to create a design that, at surface level, could appeal to a population of rebellious adolescents and, consequently, offend antagonizing authority figures. The purported disapproval, along with the use of narcotic imagery, makes the design cool and wearable. While the phrase can be interpreted to mean many different things, the paradox in the idea behind the design is that the underlying message is a celebration of purity for someone who has never used cocaine. The irony is that many parents and adults will automatically detest the design because of their preconceived notions of streetwear and youth culture, despite it being a positive message. On the flipside, many adolescents will accept the design because of their preconceptions of what is cool. While kids mindlessly consume and parents mindlessly refuse, our message will be spread. Keep your noses clean, kids.



When making a design I always take some type of inspiration from my life and add personal details. 

  • "Since 1989" - Year I was born
  • "Waves in Cocaine font & around 1989 " -  My obsession with bodies of water especially the ocean.
  • "Cocaine font" - Designed after a label I found for Medical Cocaine toothache drops from 1885 and also made to resemble font on U.S. bills.
  • "Virgins font" - The stem of the "g" is designed to resemble a line of cocaine.
  • "95932" - Zip code where I grew up.
  • "California Poppy" - Our logo (we try to incorparate in every design for branding purposes).
  • "Colors" - Military green garmet representing the color of money. Ash gray garmet to mimic cocaine texture. 











Shirt Material: 100% cotton

Crewneck Fleece: 80/20 cotton/poly 

Print Type:

  • Main Print: 1 color screen print (front & back) (outsourced)
  • Neck tag: Heat transfer (self)


  • Woven hem tag bottom left (sewn on - self)
  • Promo logo sticker hang tag

Cost:  (Avarage of a 5 color print w/both hem & neck tag)  

  • Tee: $10.11
  • Crew Fleece: $20.20         


(example page from tech pack for screen printer)


(Cocaine Virgins Low Profile Hat)


(Recording Artist Ty Dolla $ign, wearing the Cocaine Virgins Hat in white)

ABOUT C&A:                                                 

Actualizing A Mission: 

My odyssey began in a small rural farming community in Northern California. In 2008 my older brother and I formed a partnership farming our family’s fifth generation farm. Perhaps atypical of most streetwear designers, my early work experience consisted of driving tractors and attending to various jobs on the ranch. Playing year-round basketball and traveling was a huge commitment of my time, which fortunately, limited my work experience. Nonetheless, the personal relationships I made broadened my mind to other people’s world views while gaining an understanding that there are diverse, vibrant cultures very different than my own. It is said “if you do what you love, it isn’t work.”  My father is a true testimonial to this. Even after 40 years, “Pops” leaves home every morning for the ranch with eagerness and enthusiasm. However, for me farming is definitely work. I knew I had to leave the security of a profitable livelihood in order to pursue my true passion for the art of design and fashion. This passion put me on the path of discovering my mission in life. Feeling a heavy heart from the ongoing violence, riots, and chaos in the U.S. and around the world, I recognized that as a society we cannot fall into despair. Uniting my love for art and clothing, with a strong devotion to humanity, I saw this as my vehicle to bring the message of “Hope.” In heartbreak, illness, and life’s disappointments, when we feel lost, I believe the power of hope shifts our thoughts and attitudes to that which is positive. We should never lose sight that the outcome is left up to faith. I’ve always been amazed as to how standing near an ocean or being in the presence of nature can influence and alter our moods and emotions, just as music, movies and a city's energy can have such a significant impact on our emotional transformation. As an artist, my goal is to instill my own positive spiritual energy of “Hope” through my designs and clothing. I seek to create a product brand that will ignite an emotion within you when you put it on. The emotion you carry will resonate like the powers of nature and music. My vision is that when one hears or sees the name “C&A Habiliments” they will know the message of "keeping Hope."  When one wears "C&A Habiliments," they wear "Hope." 

To see more of our Fall/Winter '15 visit our storefront http://www.canandabel.com

& follow us on instagram to get updates on what we're doing! https://instagram.com/hay.canandabel/



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