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Frank Rodriguez

CEO & founder



C.O.C.K.Y. - Concentrate On Confidence Know Yourself

C.O.C.K.Y.  is an independent clothing company based in Orlando,  with satellite offices in New York and Puerto Rico. Through a distinctive mix of exclusive and premium product, C.O.C.K.Y speaks to a global audience of culturally acute fashion forward agitators, instigators & connoisseurs... All of which have the understanding of the brands message: Concentrate On Confidence Know Yourself. 

This all started off very organically 6 years ago out of my parents garage. Since then we have placed our brands products in over 100 stores and botiques through 12 states. Starting off with simple logo driven tshirts and tank tops, we have expanded to include graphic tees, cut & sew, knits, 3/4 sleeve & headwear. 

Our brand is about the culture of Confidence, Knowing who you are and what you can do. we are dedicated to creating quality constructed apparel. Believing in yourself. How do you live? #liveCocky.

Independent & International.


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