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C is for Christmas Carol

With the change in the weather lately, I have started to sense that merriment and excitement that I feel every year as Christmas nears. I love to see the Christmas lights go up, to smell freshly cut Christmas trees, and to listen to Christmas songs.

I'm doing my best to bridal my excitement for this holiday since I want to let Thanksgiving have it's moment, but because it's our baby's first Christmas this year, it's been difficult.

My love of this season really comes back to all the fond memories I have as a child, which I can't wait to share that with my own children in "Christmas futures". One of the many memories that I have is the yearly reading and discussion of Charles Dicken's classic "The Christmas Carol". 

No matter how many times I've read or seen or heard some rendition of this classic tale, it never seems to get old. In fact, I feel like the older I get, the more I glean from it's message. The imagery and symbolism are beautiful to me. And so it is this that I am hoping to capture with my drop cap project.

I plan to create a drop cap of the letter "C". "C" for Christmas Carol, Christmas, and Charles (Charles Dickens).

I'm excited to see where this project leads!


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