C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram

C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - student project

Step 2: Sketching

So I spent very little time on the sketching stage, mostly because I'm not a designer and I'm not very good at drawing, but wanted to create this monogram to use for professional and personal purposes. So I gave ut my best shot but got found myself itching to get into Illustrator ASAP. Here were my weak efforts (the editor doesn't allow you to rotate an uploaded image and I'm too lazy to do it in Photoshop. I'll fix it later. For now, just crane your neck 90º anti-clockwise).

C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 1 - student project

Step 3: Final Monogram


C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 2 - student project

C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 3 - student project

I must say I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, even if it's simple as f***. But when you have two really boring initials in terms of complexity of shape, it's hard to come up with something more creative. You can see where I've made an attempt at 'jazzing it up' a bit. 

I like the two-tone version because it adds a bit of fun and personality to it, and I'm gonna play around with adding textures and other effects in the future. Looking forward to printing it on a t-shirt or embroidering it on a snapback!


So, after coming back to my project roughly 72 times and taking peeks at other people's work, I was not satisfied with my efforts. So I have cleaned up my monogram a bit and applied it to realistic examples, which I guess is the real test of a logo design.

I also created a more elegant version for more serious projects (I actually plan to use this for my freelance work). Here are the results...



C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 4 - student project

C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 5 - student project


C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 6 - student project

C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 7 - student project


C.I. (CHUK IKÉH) Monogram - image 8 - student project

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