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Cöze Computer

I propose 1 - wrapping the exteriour in a high resoltion photo of a Holstien hide. .  2 -  covering the driver and passanger seats to match with the actual hide that was photographed. The Cöze Logo would be embroidered into the seats. 

xoxo Aug 9 2013

Cöze Computer

"Fresh from Farm to tablet."

Organic / Free range / Grass fed.


My project brings fashion and computing together by wraping tablet computers in luxrious, free range cowhides  which unfold and become a mobile work space.  ( as seen below.)  Our skins can be used in both a desktop and mobile environment.

Think of Cöze as a leather jacket for your computer, which also carries your wireless keyboard inside. Using a Cöze  creates a more comfortable and colorful computing experience. 

Our skins are beautiful, soft and without defect.   Each hide is hand selected from the highest quality free range stock. 


Ian Ingram  


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