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Claudia Cardenas

Inspired by the simple things in life



Cárdenas Crest

Cárdenas Family Crest

I made my family crest based on the values and things that define us. 

Our livelyhoods revolve heavily around beef and food; also we are proudly from Monterrey, hence the image of Saddleback Mountain. Everyone in my family is a very hard worker, which is why I choose that slogan.


I researched old Cárdenas’ crests, so I could know more about my family name. These are the designs I found:



  • Dish and cutlery: We have a business that is related to food.
  • Saddleback Mountain: We live in Monterrey, it is a regional landmark.
  • Tie: We’re very hard working people
  • Cow: My family loves beef

These are some variations

The one I choose:



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