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Byron Rodriguez Brand Summer 13' Lookbook

Hello my name is Byron Rodriguez and this is my take of the final project. I shot a images of some teenagers in the Boston, MA area to model my own brand of tees that are each cut and sewn individually. My concept for this summer lookbook is to express summer time in a streets way. By enhancing light, beauty, nature, graffiti, fences and alley ways in this shoot with my fellow models. This is what summer is all about. The outdoors with your friends in abstract and extroadinary parts of the city...I wanted to wait until the weather was at a nice hot temperature so I could shoot this lookbook and create what I invisioned from jump. I enjoyed learning new things from Tasha, she's always been one of my greatest inspirations through art in general. I created these tee shirts and this lookbook with the skills that I've learned through Tasha's example and with her help. So this is the result and I'm ready to gain major feedback and refinement for my work because I know it could use a lot more help and that's why we're here. Thanks everyone hope you enjoy!

Inspiration Board: 

My mood felt like creating a lookbook of shots in alley ways with bright natural sunlight and artwork (graffiti). I felt like showing many different teenage models to show the youthful life in the summer time. 

Shot Checklist: 

  • Medium shot from knee up of the Isabelle wearing the "Burgundie" tee shirt. 
  • Long shot of "Denim and stripes" tee shirt with graffiti in the background.
  • Medium shot of Samir wearing the "Denim and stripes" tee shirt. 
  • Tilted shot of Andre wearing the "White Tiger" tee shirt with graffiti in the back...
  • Medium/long shot of Nadia wearing the "Orange Tiger" tee shirt w' graffiti in background. 
  • ALL TEES TOGETHER with graffiti. 



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