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Buyer Persona for Almond Milk

Name: Trevor

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Location: Jamaica


Income: JMD 1.3 million per annum

Education: Undergraduate Degree 

Profession: Creative Director

Family: Married no children

Hobbies & Interests

Trevor enjoys playing football with his friends on weekends. During the week he goes to the gym and sometimes plays video games with friends. He likes manga, his favourite TV show is Game of Thrones. He is concerned about staying in shape.

Objectives & Goals

Trevor's goals is to work with his company for the next 2 years and then go off to start his own digital agency that specifically works with food brands. He hopes to start a family soon with his wife Jhannel.

Challenges & Fears

Trevor enjoys his job but he wishes he had more time to enjoy the things that he loves. He's also been working a lot of late nights and his health is beginning to suffer. He has frequent headaches and breakouts because he's taking in too much dairy even though he's lactose intolerant. 

Common Objections

Eating healthy costs too much and takes too much time to manage. He's too busy with work and too tired to do anything but sleep when he gets home. He also, loves dairy even though he shouldn't have it and finds lactose free products to be lacking in flavour and he's sensitive to most soy products anyway.

How can your product help?

Almond milk is a lactose free alternative that he can easily add to his diet without much extra work. It also comes in a variety of different flavours he can try like chocolate, strawberry and coconut. It's soy free and tastes delicous. 


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