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Buy at Living in Paris

This was a last minute decision to do this project. My life runneth over.

My first thought for children was primary colors. I started with red, blue, yellow and added green.

This was my first color palatte.

The more I played with it, the less I liked the green so my final palatte was this.

I played with a lot of fancy fonts - scrolls, scripts, funky shaped letters and decided something plain as a child might write was more suitable. I couldn't do Paris without the Eiffel Tower but didn't want to replace the A with that shape so I spread the type across the image of the tower but bumped it up in the middle to give the illusion of the tower shape with the complete name, "Living in Paris."  As a little extra, I added a few ballonns in tinted shades of the basic colors.

As we always want the best, I added the slogan, Dress your child in the best," across the bottom.

Here's my final logo.


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