Buy Me Email

Buy Me Email - student project

Here’s an example of a “buy me” email that caught my attention. As someone who has worked mainly in e-commerce settings, I really appreciate this email. I'm instantly drawn to the content just off the typography, colors, and the use of white space. It’s focused on a particular style and easy to scroll. The email was titled “New Booties Are Here”. So I know a new collection has been added for fall. 


Buy Me Email - image 1 - student projectThe email had a clear purpose to check out the new collection and they showed nothing but that. They did a good job of showing off enough similar booties for a particular style and I found that helpful and beneficial as someone who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by a lot of options. 

Buy Me Email - image 2 - student project

Once I clicked on the style that I liked it took me directly to the product page and rendered perfectly on my mobile phone and desktop. 

Buy Me Email - image 3 - student project

The Shop Now button stood out at the top of the page with the contrasting black color. 

Buy Me Email - image 4 - student project

Although I did not check out that day after I scrolled and added some items to my cart, I received an email a couple of hours later reminding me of the items that I added. I plan to go back and get them. 


Overall I love the aesthetic of their emails!