Carolyn Wiedeman

Education Designer, Skillshare



Buttery croissant x sweet doughnut

Starting my brainstorm list for the creative process for inventing the croissant, will be adding to this!


Dough is one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn. I always order the cafe au lait donut, but then afterwards I am always craving something savory and crunchy. For me, the driving force for inventing the cronut would be improving upon the donut, less than the croissant.


I would consider adding elements of a croissant to the already-great donut, such as: more butter, layers, flakiness on the outside, no glaze, crunch on top. I would test all of these combinations, then if none of them worked I would go into putting donut elements into a croissant- like the hole, the glaze.


I would test each combination, and move forward with the one that sticks together best- it would have to be easily transportable, repeatable.


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