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Esther Ní Dhonnacha

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Butternut Squash

I was cutting up some squash for dinner, so I decided to get out my camera and take some photos for this assignment too. For a background I covered the counters with paper and I just used natural light (so these did need brightening up in Lightroom, as we don't get a lot of sunshine here). I was trying for a style reasonably close to Kate's examples and I'm really happy with how these turned out.

First, the whole squash:


One squash whole, one cut open:


I cut the other one horizontally for the sake of variety:


And two more abstract shots:



And since Kate asked for a photo I wasn't happy with, here is one of my rejects: the lighting was particularly poor (the sun was going down) and my camera kept getting the colours wrong because there was so much orange in the frame -- it overcompensated by turning everything blue, which was hard to correct properly afterwards. Plus I just don't think the composition is visually interesting. Not terrible but nothing particularly pretty or impressive.



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