Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash - student project

Please forgive my studio floor. It's covered in paint and needs to be swept this morning (again).

I chose a butternut squash for my object. I like drawing these for fun, as well as pears, which have a similar shape.

How did I experience this process?

I enjoyed not worrying about messing up and not planning, not even deciding on colors. I just played. At first it was hard because I wanted to change my subject, but then I started to find new ways to approach it and have fun.

The paintings I like are: 1, 4, and 6. I like the colors. 1 has a neat concept, like right-brained vs. left-brained which was totally unplanned. I like 4 because the tea paper tones down the colors. I like 6 because indigo is my everything.

The paintings I don't like are: 2, 3, and 9. They look like scribbles and are sloppy. They look like not a lot of thought went into them.

The rule I had most fun breaking was: adding layers when I normally don't

The rule I didn't like breaking was: Using only pencil.

Ten things I learned:

1. Layers are scary, but add so much to a painting.

2. Using squares instead of circles to draw squash was a great way to help me think more abstractly.

3. Tea paper tones down gouache beautifully.

4. You can combine squash with animals to make funny drawings.

5. I often start in the middle of a page. I should break this rule more often.

6. Gouache is fun to use with oil pastels.

7. This sort of exercise would be good for brainstorming thumbnails.

8. adding pen and pencil to a painting is nerve-wracking but achieves neat results.

9. I like desaturated tones over bold and bright ones.

10. Indigo is still my favorite color.

My "Finished" Piece

This one I felt is the most finished (number one) because it appears to have an actual concept or "story."

Butternut Squash - image 1 - student project

my "Un-Finished" Piece

This one was the one I felt was un-finished but could go somewhere. I like it so far and think it could be finished by coloring in the rest of the background.

Butternut Squash - image 2 - student project

Adjectives for each piece were:

One: Colorful, Reflective

Two: Pink, Scribbled

Three: Sketch, Boring

Four: Weathered, desaturated, falling

Five: Childlike, unfinished

Six: Fast, Motion

Seven: Simple, Minimalist

Eight: Somehow Uniform, Tangled

Nine: Scribbled, Sloppy

Ten: Jazzy, Chaotic, Loud