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Buttermilks Rd Sticker

Hello Skillshare classmates,

I'm new here at Skillshare and have been enjoying most classes, but this one was super duper fun.  I usually just sit at the back of the class and do my work in silent, just like how I did in real school.  Now that I'm older I see the benefit of sharing my work and learning from positive feedback.  I'm a father of 3 little kids and would like to teach them not to be shy like I was, because I think I could have learned much more if I wasn't shy back in school.   I usually do Skillshare in the evenings, after a long day of work, and after the kids go to bed, so I'm tired.  Forgive me if I misspell a few words. 

Anyways, for this project I used CorelDraw instead of Illustrator and found that for this kind of graphic CorelDraw is more than enough. 

This class has made me fall in love with circles and I have been creating a lot of circular emblems and not just a travel sticker.   I would like to share anyways. 




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