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So, my first pattern. It started like this 

and then this

As you can see, the sketch is not that much diverse - I rarely know what I want to get in result and usually just let ideas to pop up along the way. Besides, I'm too lazy to scan something more than once)

I suppose, the first idea was to make it sea like, but with butterflies, for some reason.

The palette was supposed to give such impression, but, as usual, the thing desided to go its way)

I picked this dark blue as background colour. That's what I finally get from huge pile of mess

And the pattern itself

It didn't look really nice with Recolor, probably because I painted same objects with different colours and made it slightly unpredictable. Though I quite like this light one.

And yes, some "fonts"

I traced and used two of these, one on the pattern (yes, that little thing in the corner), and one on a... tag, or something)

And that's where my journey ends. Looking forward for another one :)


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