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Butterfly on a Flower

Initially I was going to skip over this class, because I didn’t have PhotoShop.  But I have been becoming more familiar with GIMP, an open-source alternative.  Although it took awhile to translate the instructions, it was well worth the effort.  Here’s the watercolor painting that I started out with:


When I went through the clean up process the first time, it took quite awhile.  Not only was I figuring out where everything was in GIMP and how it worked, I was also dealing with a slow computer.  I’m not complaining, because I’m glad to have something to work on.  It just means that I have to plan to do some other things as it chugs along, and I have to be very careful to not get click-happy.  I was relieved when I neared the end of the process, only to find out I had missed one of the leaf sections when I was selecting the parts of the image that I wanted to keep.  DOH!  After a moment of venting frustration, I started over.  It turned out to be a good thing, though, because I was able to remember all the steps of the process and cement them in my brain.

So after I got the image cleaned up and on the paper background, it was time to play around with the different formats and color options.  First I created a pattern from the butterfly.



Then I changed the hue value to explore some color options.  I stopped at four, but I honestly I just wanted to keep going (three of the four pictured below).







I finished up by creating a mirror image file and a square format with extra leaf shapes.





Now I am in the process of uploading the files to my print-on-demand shops.  I am also going back to some of my previous work to see how I can apply the same process to those paintings.  I am so glad I did not skip this class!


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