Butterfly collection

Butterfly collection - student project


Butterfly collection - image 1 - student project


I made a little guy trying to catch butterfly in inkscape while following another of Istvan Szep class and wanted to expand on that project.


So I tried my hand at modular design, here are some final butterflies:

Butterfly collection - image 2 - student project


I made them from these pieces + some new colors.


Butterfly collection - image 3 - student project
















If I were to redo it I would :

1. Listen to Istvan and have a clear plan before starting, I had to stop and make a better one. 

2. Have more similar shapes of wings maybe? Mine are too different from one another, I have to reshape decorations a lot around each wing. I wouldn't say it's fully modular

3. Start with fewer parts. Having a lot makes it tedious to create new assets


Bonus, here are my spaceships:

Butterfly collection - image 4 - student project

In conclusion I would say this is a fun class. I do think someone not familiar with inkscape would prefer to watch an introduction to inkscape first. ( I did Itsvan's class on creating 2d video game art). There is redundancy in the 3 examples from this class but it's still fun to watch Itsvan create characters from thin air.