Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect - student project

Butterfly Effect - image 1 - student project

Butterfly Effect - image 2 - student projectHere's a shot I recently took on my trip to Nashville.

My source of inspiration was music: Travis Scott- "Butterfly Effect"

The melody of this song is somewhat muted, relying more on percussion type sounds to produce the song. As a result I felt that making the photo more muted and flat in one color fit best. With the melody that the song does have, it felt very bright to me with a dark bass bumping in the back. This sound is reflected in my photo by the bright highlights but also dark shadows at the bottom. The sounds of the melody sound pink, red, and a dark green to me. This influenced the slight pink hue of the photo with subtle green shadows. Overall, this photo to me is a great visual representation of "Butterfly Effect."

Jay (Trxlation)