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Buttercup Applesauce

Oh little buttercup  was born in a barn, her eyes were miss shaped and so were her nostrals. She was given a star to put in her hair so that the village people would know she was a girl; she was always mistaken for a wild boy before she was given the star and before anyone knew her name. Poor little buttercup was not so happy with how she looked and one rainy day, she found herself on the other side of rainbow. She was looking for gold but instead she found a magic mini glitter spaceship that would grant her many wishes. The first wish buttercup made was for a lifetime supply of applesauce; she loved the sweetnes of apples but it was so hard to make it into a sauce. She could live off of applesauce and a really good book since none of the other kids would play with her. Her second wish was for a lifetime supply of personlized spoons for each day. Her third wish was to make her eyes dreamy so everytime someone looked at her their heart would melt & instantly she was given blue dreamy eyes. Her eyes were dreamy alright and not only that she was given a bonus wish and her pigtails were just adorable. Buttercup was amazed!!! She then wished for a different nose to match her new look. 

"ooooohhh" buttercup said.

 for some reason she was still not happy with herslef. She was please with how she looked but she was not pleased with how she felt until she promised herself that she may have changed the way she looked but she will never change the beautiful person she was inside.  She gave herself a big hug and made her own heart melt.   When she oppened her eyes, a magical fairy visited her and reminded her that her outside must always match her inside and to complete her transisition she would be named Buttercup Applesuace; sweet and simple. 



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