Thank you for your amazing course and I would appreciate any feedback/advice that you would be willing to provide. WWW.ButIWantCupcakes.com is the blog I started a while ago and then stopped when I realized I had no idea what I was doing! I am taking as many courses I can find and revamping the site for an "official relaunch" on July 1st...(hopefully!) 

After this course, which was extremely helpful, I am even more dedicated to doing this and providing a blog/site that, I believe, is one of a kind. The "story/purpose" behind it is to be a no-nonsense place for advice, stories, honest reflection, and humor about the bariatric surgery process. I aim to help not only the people who are going through the surgery themselves but also to provide support for their loved ones. Bariatric surgery not only changed my life but if affected my husband and daughter too. There were plenty of websites that spoke about the medical process but nothing I found talked about the personal struggles and changes. 

This being said I am sure I can find plenty of content and have many many ideas already-my struggle is going to be to find a way to monetize it. I am not a doctor, I have NO medical background, all I have is the desire to help people through what I found to be the most difficult and the most rewarding process. I am not sure what I can offer that people would be willing to pay for! 



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