But They Stink!


we open to the sounds of the city.

a lunch bag is swaying back and forth. Here is a story of a boy who is being given a life lesson. 

Give away lunch. You have got to be kidding?

Grumble, grumble!

I slid it over to him, so why won't he take it.  

He kept ignoring me,  pushing it back, even when I tried multiple times. Then he just got up and left.

Finally I chased him down and sincerely offered him the food. 

He took a bite of the apple, smiled, and walked off into the crowd. 

Sorry for the roughness, I'll clean them up today. 



In gathering reference, I went back to pictures that reflected the spot where I was asked to feed the homeless, Market Street in San Francisco. I decided to change the location to Union Square in San Francisco because some other important events happened there and this is a tributes to the homeless man who gave me encouragement in the park.   Here are some of the better pics. 

So I created a scene on the steps where the two character could meet.

So I'll overlay my characters using tracing paper like this.  


Character design

This is not the focus of the class so I am putting together simply formed characters that will contrast well in the panels.  For the kid I'm going with square and triangles, with the man a square and elongated half circles. The dad is just seen as legs. 


Id like to share a reflective piece of my wonderful aunt, who in my formative years, made me spend a summer day feeding the homeless in Downtown San Francisco. I recently had a chance to share this same experience again with my aunt(she's the server in my picture), but now with the perspective of my son.  Can you find him in the picture? I hope to blend the two events into one.

I'd like to create a tale of why i enjoy crashing myself against the waves. I'm not alone, my kids do the same. There is fear. There is action And adventure. And lots of laughter. 

Why do I like washing dishes or the car?  Is it okay that a grown man has his own bottle of Mr. bubbles?  We all love bubbles, making them, popping them, the shapes, the unpredictable flight patterns. Watch me master the art of bubbleology.  


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