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Bustown: Columbus, Ohio


1. My first image is my look up.  I tried to balance my time shooting between every aspect that was laid out in the tutorial and I went into my first trip with a look up shot already in mind.  I ended up not using the shot I originally wanted because I think this shot is more powerful.  I took it from the shaded side of the building with the sun directly behind it I was able to get a nice even tone to the building. It created a natural gradient in the glass that I just love. I also enjoy the detail in the concrete because it shows the age of the building.


2. Second is my portrait.  I thought I was all done shooting and I was headed back to my car when I noticed this wonderful building across the street from me.  I stoped and lined up my shot because I just wanted to get a shot of the building when I noticed the man coming down the street.  I waited until he was directly in front of the door and snapped the shot.  He's not perfectly lined up but I still really like the shot.  I cropped it to a 1x1 square beacause it felt like the building filled the entire shot which I think makes the portrait very powerful.  


3. My motion shot.  The next day I went back downtown to grab some night shots and I grabbed this shot of a city bus cruising through the intersection.  I stopped on this corner and waited for a few minutes until I found my subject.  Since Columbus has adopted the name "Bustown" I think the bus is a great representation of this city.  I shot this on a monopod for extra stability at night.


4. My night shot.  This photo is of a man and his dog and a friend sitting in an alley late at night. I like this photo because I think it tells a nice story.  There are quite a few homeless people in this city and they take refuge at the downtown YMCA at night.  This took place in the alley behind the YMCA where I imagine a lot of people spend their time.  They seem to be enjoying their night and it just brings me a sense of joy knowing I caputred a nice moment in what seems to be a dark and seedy place.  


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