Bustin' Betty's BBQ Sauce

Bustin' Betty's BBQ Sauce - student project

I work full-time as a designer for a commercial label printing company. Sometimes I get creative freedom on projects and other times I have to stick to a branding guide laid out in front of me. Either way I love to see both types of label projects roll off the printer and onto the finishing line.

I'm hoping this project will receive great feedback and help me further my skillsets. I also hope to gain some insight on how to perform better client/designer meetings and communicate ideas more clearly.

The company I decided to create a label for is Bustin' Betty's BBQ Sauce. This is for my friends' mother. She has been working on her BBQ sauce recipe for a while now and I have to say, the sauce is delicious! So when my friend Jon asked me for help, I jumped at the opportunity. I am really excited to get working on this, I love me some BBQ.

Bustin' Betty's BBQ Sauce - image 1 - student project

Bustin' Betty's BBQ Sauce - image 2 - student project

This BBQ Sauce is to have an American Heritage feel. 

I immediately think of Hatch Show Print & CXXVI Clothing Co. when I think of the finished look of the label. My goal is to carve out the design and block print it, and then bring it into the computer.


This is my first draft of sketches for Bustin' Betty's BBQ. My next sketch sheet will include the development of Betty in all her glory. I need to find a ball jar to get the label shape down and decide what copy is going to go on the label. 

I am leaning towards the cursive type layout at the bottom right and think adding the serif finish from above will make it really stand out. Although the banner in the middle right with a bold type set would allow Betty to maintain her heirarchy in the design.

Bustin' Betty's BBQ Sauce - image 3 - student project


Bustin' Betty's BBQ Sauce - image 4 - student project

This is the update on the pig. Probably needs cleaned up some more. But he has definitely progressed. Top version is the detailed sketch, then photoshop clean up, then lastly illustrator live tracing. I used the black and white logo trace to get these results.


Samuel Hatch