Sheila Lewis

Video Producer + Aspiring Filmmaker




i am a communications coach, constant foodie + emerging filmmaker  who needs to curate her curiosities in an organized and meaningful way that will reach, serve and engage audiences.

all without having to rely on a web designer to create or update.

this site will primarly focus on positioning me as a thought leader and as a launchpad for my speaking practice.  i take lessons learned from the big brands and share it with the entrepreneur, NFP and SMB world through classes, workshops, bootcamps and other learning/coaching sessions.

as a person who's a little country and a lot cosmopolitan i would love to find an integrative way to link to my personal musings and future projects on innovation + social enterprises.  because numbers count and we should measure what matters. if it doesn't leave a lasting impact on the lives we lead, then what's the point?

a LOT. 

i know. baby steps. which is why i'm starting with this class. LET'S GET TO STEPPIN'.


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