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Business that Matters Coaching and Consulting

As a mom, psychologist and unlikely entrepreneur, I have a drive to help people build businesses that matter.

What do I mean by “matter?”

A business that matters has a positive impact on clients and customers. It changes the world for the better in small and big ways.

It also matters to you. It fulfills a dream and gives you time to work and play. It’s a business integrated into who you really are. It supports your lifestyle in all ways. Your business feels fulfilling and fun.

My business coaching approach and philosophy is unique and customized to each individual. I think of each business as a snowflake — each one is beautiful and different.

What makes my work unique in a world cluttered with business coaches and consultants is:

1. I understand people. People are who we trade with. If you don't understand your people you can't sell very much. As a psychologist by training I know how to deeply understand our clients thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Grasping your client psychological profile makes the hard work of marketing and selling much simpler.

2. I'm committed to getting to know MY clients very well and partnering on the develpoment of unique, innovative business plans. I don't offer templates, blueprints, cookie cutter approaches to business development. While the model/systems can be tried and true, what you offer, how you show up, your voice and your art are all unique (and very often they are the pieces you need to develop a monopoly  as Seth defines it.)

My business model is to offer customized small business education, coaching and consulting to people just starting out in business.  I offer individual services and have programs for sale.

The coaching/consulting only leverages to a point. This is on purpose as I want to be fully available to my clients and offer a highly customized experience.

The educational programs leverage very well. They are digital and can be bought by as many people who are interested.

My website (in production):


I am a proud freelancer. I've led teams in the past and missed the daily challenge of problem solving with individuals and engaging in my craft of coaching.

My freelance business is already supported by people who do administrative, web development and bookeeping much better than I do. They are worth every penny as I grow my business and do more of what I MUST do as the owner and artist.


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