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Business icons

These icons are for a real client, she will use them in a business presentation/training. 

I made a few different styles the client could choose from. I really liked style 7, but the client wanted the icons to be very simple and to be recognisable by shape and chose style 5. 

I only used dark blue because the logo of the client has the same color blue. 

Good, the icon for "shop" is finished! 

With a few icons I was in doubt what to draw. For example what I should use to represent "Government". I knew the client had more to do with local government than national government and most presentations will be given in Europe, but we both agreed that the White House would be the most obvious icon. Some other sketches for "government": 

Of course I also made multiple sketches for the other icons, but the government was the hardest one. So after some more drawing they were all finished: 

Bank, government, factory, shop, entrepeneur, shipping, distribution centre, society, user, client. (I hope I translated them well, if something sounds weird please tell me). 

The client wasn't very happy with the gender stigma. Why is the entrepeneur a male and the user a female? I was actually aware of this while drawing and also doubted if i chould change that, but I decided that stigma's are very usefull in icons. The tie of the man is very recognisable. 

After a conversation with the client what to do we decided to make the icons in both genders and now every client can choose what genders he/she wants for the presentation :) 

Entrepeneur woman: (funny fact, this icon actually looks like my client who will give the presentation)

User man: (being lazy here, I simply switched the client and user persons)

Client woman:

I really liked the course! I will watch the parts about Adobe Illustrator again, because these icons were not made in a similar efficient way as shown in the videos!

I already send the icons to the client, but feel free to give comments, maybe they will help me in a next project! 

More icon design made by me:


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