Business cards

Business cards - student project

I need to revamp my website, again, but before I start that overhaul, I've been needing to finish creating business cards. I didn't think they were completely necessary for me anymore, however I do find that there are times people ask me for a business card and I have nothing to give them! With my last name, it's a miracle people find me sometimes without a business card for a quick and easy reminder.

I wanted to keep mine simple. Use my email address which has my website address as well as my name and a simple graphic, nothing more. I don't love handing out my phone number, but my email address? Sure! I'm calling out my name in a different color and using that pop of color in the back side of the open book illustration. While I'm not an illustrator, I like the hand rendered look and feel for a personal touch.

The next step is to get them priced out and printed!

Business cards - image 1 - student project

Business cards - image 2 - student project