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Business card for freelance writer and researcher

This card was one of several I designed for a friend* who is a freelance writer. She provided some information about color choices, font, et cetera and from there I went a little crazy. For this particular design, I started with the red/turquoise color choices and the texture layer. The texture reminded me of a wall, so I thought about making the word "write" look like graffiti.

After finding a "graffiti" font and size I liked, I made several adjustments to fit in her name, business, and contact information. I really like how my eye follows the stem of the "t" in "write" to her name and directly under it, to her business. It's bold, yet fun and eye-catching.

Her phone number and email are semi-anchored by the "e" in "write." I would love to hear what others think in terms of their placement on the card. Is there another location/alignment wherein they would look better.

Thanks for taking a look! All feedback and helpful criticism is welcome.

*All information is fictional.

So, based on the helpful comments from Judy, Scott, Andrea, and Gina, I made a few revisions of the card above. Which version do you think is the most visually appealing?

Revision #1: Letters of the name are bolder and her profession is tracked wider to align directly under the name.

Revision #2: I scaled back on the graffiti and aligned all text down the right side of the card.

Revision #3: I changed the orientation of the card and aligned the text down the left side of the card.

NOTE: Any border around the cards is unintential, the red "wall" goes to the edge. These are screenshots.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback. It has been very helpful!


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