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Business card for an architect

I didn't have any business cards since I've recently graduated from my degree, so I started with the example given by Ellen.

It didn't feel right, my email account is very long and I wanted to highlight the services, so I made the second one. I put the services in grey so they don't look too aggressive, and I like that my name and architecture are in the same line, but the sizes and thickness make them look odd.

In this case, I (kind of) tried the rule of thirds, matching the lenght of my surname with architecture. Making my name bigger and taking thickness of the services makes everything more balanced, aligning the services in the center makes more sense too. 

With my personal info I made some changes. Since it was impossible for the address to fit in one third, I made it go until the middle of the card. All contact details are a bit bigger and so their spacing.

I really liked this version so far, so I tried using a grey background. I think it looks good but I still have to do a 4th one :).

Any review is welcome, thank you!


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