Business Planning - The Feasibility Investigation Framework

Business Planning - The Feasibility Investigation Framework - student project

In this class, I share a tool which helps you focus thoughts and plans when faced with any business planning situation.  It breaks down into 4 key areas, each of which then has 2 further dimensions, and is a powerful way to begin planning effectively.

PUBLISHED!  the link to my published class is here - PLEASE enroll (it's currently free!) and I'll return the favour!

For the Milestone 3 requirement, my class outline is here.

Each section is a separate video:

Intro credits

Overview of the Feasibility Investigation Framework and project brief






Closing credits

The link to the 3 video segments I have uploaded so far is at Video Lessons

To make completing the project easier, I'll provide a Word template for the Feasibility Framework which can be used to complete the analysis.

As an incentive for viewers to complete their project I'll also offer a personal review of anyone's analysis - I have 30 years business planning experience so might be able to offer some ideas!

Joe Houghton
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