Business Plan - 7 Steps

Step 1: Discover your niche: > Artisan crafts > Sustainable Eco Friendly Fabrics and Whole Foods Delivery > I champion being part of something greater than myself; my passion is to leave the world a tiny bit better having lived in it, and that my efforts, no matter how small, somehow made a difference in the spirit of humanity.

Intuitively Home Decorating has always been a deep love of mine, with a keen eye for color and design. Artisan crafts home decor figures prominently as objects reflecting the spirit and soul of the home, delighting the eye of the observer, allowing for texture and as an anchoring substance within the decor. 

Whole Foods > After suffering major health concerns I have learned to greatly appreciate that which we put into our mouths by way of nourishment can ultimately cause life threatening diseases. The importance of whole foods/organic is a deeply personal commitment to myself and one that is worth sharing, offering these products, even if only in small and certain categories ie NO SUGAR! 


Step 2: Finding your products: > Dropshipping >

     2A - Artisan Handmade Crafts Dropship - Global Crafts

     2B - Country Living Style Home Decorating: Soft Goods Bedding, Curtains Fabrics - VHC Brands

          b1: - VHC Does Strongly Advocate Their 'VHC Brands Exclusive Program' - this is a viable alternative and commands greater influence in 'branding' - so worth learning more in-depth about this program. ..."grants retailers sole rights on existing VHC Brands product lines that have a proven history of strong sales" ... and "retailers gain a competitive advantage by obtaining a product that shoppers will find only through their business online and in store." (from their site)

    C - Whole Foods (not yet realized nor implemented, presently immersed in Fair Trade and Sustainable Fabrics in Home Decor)


Step 3: Brand Vision Statement > Store Name: The Village Country Store > Tag Line > Do Good, Feel Good, Fair Trade

The Village Country Store -  a fair trade handmade artisan gifts and crafts store, now shares a platform to showcase Victorian Heart Quilts and Home Decor offering textiles, soft furnishing and bags. Victorian Heart Quilts & Decor - VHC Brands is pure sustainable goodness with a feel good, down home ambiance! Our VHC Brands Collections include 3 Coast Way, April & Olive, Bella Taylor, Mayflower Market, Oak & Asher and Seasons Crest. - Our extensive collections allow for total room makeovers. From rugs, to window treatments, to bedding; we hope you find our selections plentiful and inviting. Home to home, hearth to hearth, Thank you for shopping The Village Country Store. - 

     3a: - Will take class with Beth Mueller, Discovery + Story


Step 4: Choosing an e-commerce Platform > Shopify


Step 5: Selecting a Theme > Roartheme > Queen > (older theme, responsive) -  I must pay for ongoing support. Chris N. from roartheme has always offered outstanding in support - which is a huge plus for updating ie., updating dynamic checkout, implements with coding for images fb/twitter etc... - I am happy with my theme. All things considered, as I installed quite a number of apps, the thought of a new theme would be both time and cost prohibitive. 

     5a: - Wondering about adding google custom search into my theme.  It is very impressive, not sure of any limitations (if any) - need more research.

Step 6: Analytics - Set up is done (however, time for a review)

     To Do: 

     6a: -

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     6c: -


Step 7:  SEO and Content Management

     To Do: Content is King - Have a Message - Products Tell Your Story - Talk about it!!!

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