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Business & Life Coaching with a Twist

The world is loaded with coaches; football, basketball, baseball, hockey, executive, marketing, fitness, nutritional; seemingly endless.

Then there's the Business & Life Coach. With all the years of experience wrapped up in one individual or group of individuals to help guide the entrepreneur or life path client to success. However he or she defines success.

I do that but with a twist. A "Kingdom Twist".

Ok, I know. What does that mean? Well, there was this book written years ago that gives all of us a way to live out our purpose in this world. It's a pretty good book. In fact it still consistently out sells all other publications internationally every year. Year in and year out. Gotta figure the folks who wrote it must have something worth saying.

Everything I coach is principaled in this book called The Bible. You may or may not believe everything in it; you may or may not call yourself a follower of God but that still doesn't negate how effective this manual is for life.

We call ourselves Live With Purpose Coaching, LLC. We don't beat you over the head with it but we do pray for our clients if they want us to. Had none refuse yet but we're really just getting started.

So the unique value proposition is that we coach from a position of faith and use a pretty good guide book to do it. All the additional tools we built are based in these same principles. We help facilitate the process of reaching the goals and objectives of our clients from a "Kingdom" perspective. Coaching with a twist.

Are there other companies that do the same? Probably but it's a "Kingdom Twist" that's been highly effective and hard to compete with. Heck, why compete. Just join us.

The hard part is connecting with those that this most resonates with. Everyone that owns a small to medium size business (our target) is a prospect. But only the ones that really want to take action on their dreams in this unique way will qualify. We're just here to help execute on those dreams.


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