Business Development

I have been working relentlessly for the past couple of years in an effort to secure my long-term dream job… launch my own start up company.  I was excited to enroll in this class to learn from Scott, someone who has proven to be an expert on effectively building relationships and networking.  SinglePlatform is a unique and amazing company that is a true success story (and continues to grow!) Additionally, I was excited to collaborate with my classmates and develop our own network so we can bounce ideas off one another.  This class has already provided me with tremendous insight on business development that I have begun to implement in an effort to hone my own skills.

The backbone of my website, Negotiatus, is to attract retailers and small businesses who will adapt the Negotiatus platform and work with the Negotiatus team to evolve E-commerce.  I have been contacting retailers, successful start up employees, as well as VCs to build my network and learn from their experiences.  However, I can honestly say that my success rate has dramatically improved since this class began.  My most recent contacts (sent within the last two weeks) have included emails to 2 retailers and 2 VCs that I have some sort of previous relationships with.  I have received responses from 1 retailer and 1 VC so far.  I found Scott's "The Art of Asking Someone to Meet for Coffee" insights particularly helpful and I have been surprised with how effective the “add value” strategy has been.  Previously, I approached people, very respectfully, asking for their time because it would afford me an incredible opportunity.  Admittedly, though, I was ineffective in some cases in conveying ways in which I could add value to them.  Regarding my most recent emails, I have been able to meet one of the retailers in NYC already and I have a coffee meeting with the VC contact later this week (very excited about that).  

Additionally, I would definitely extend my dream job search to include positions within a start up company (i.e. business development, product development, inside sales consultant) that would allow me to utilize my entrepreneurial sprit and learn from such a company, for lack of better words, that knows how to do it right.  I have reached out to a representative at Warby Parker that I knew from Boston College, and we are trying to arrange a time to meet to discuss the available Product Development position. 

Obviously I am biased, but I would certainly hire the Negotiates team as a partner for my small business.  Also, I believe that my enthusiasm as well as my past experiences makes me a strong candidate for a business development/product development/inside sales position.  With that said, I know I have a lot of work to do and must further build my BD "readiness" resume.  I believe I could achieve my goal by continuing to utilize my existing networks, but also attend any and every meeting/presentation/function to continue meeting people in which I could hopefully form a mutually beneficial relationship.  

Future goals:  I will continue to follow my passion and try to expand the Negotiatus platform.  I am going to remain a sponge and try to effectively implement the strategies I have learned from this class to speak with representatives at GroupOn, Ebay, Living Social, Etsy, and Kickstarter.  Also, I will pursue the Warby Parker position as well as seek positions at start ups that offer business development, product development, or inside sales consultant positions.



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