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Samantha Taylor

Teaching English (and Drama) in Japan



Business Card

Sans Serif Business card

I love black and white stripes so this came about when I was making gridlines. The 'echo' of my name was an accident as I was moving things around so I decided to keep it. I have no idea if it looks balanced enough though. The typefaces used were Eras Demi ITC and Eras Light ITC.


I made up some blurb about the Ghostbusters as that was the first fictional business that popped into my head. The red is because of the red in the Ghostbusters' symbol.



I chose to do the word chocolate, so I used browns. I don't have illustrator so I just used Word, sorry! The font is called Elephants in Cherry Trees. The blobs were done with the teardrop shape.


Business Card

I was playing around with my inititials when I thought of using the alphabet as they are next to each other. Also I'm an ESL teacher so it makes sense. My first idea was to use the alphabet once and just have ST in the blue and bigger but I couldn't get the layout right. so I played around with lines and came up with this for the back (the font is Engravers MT):


I used the same font for the face. This time I used the alphabet idea as a line divider:



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