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Business Card

Hello! I'm pretty excited about this class -- the first few lessons were already helpful, at least to get my mind in to the right "zone" of how to think about and be more aware of placement/alignment. I have been wanting to re-do my business card, so this project works perfectly (I'm also in the early phases of planning my wedding, so there will be many invites/menus/etc to design in the near future :) )

Here are the first iterations of the "structure" lesson. The bottom right was my favorite, so I took that and made it a bit neater/more appropriately spaced.

For the "literary typography" section, I didn't want to go with the drop cap design, as that seems to be the common theme (and I feel it looks better in a full article as opposed to a small business card):

Lastly, I had quite a bit of fun with the "playing with type" section! For final business cards, I plan to dedicate one whole side to an image that is more telling of the "game art" skills, but I may re-visit these ideas later to incorporate with the rest of the contact information.


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