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Business Card Re-design Phase 2

Literarky Typography, draft 1

It took me a while to get something I liked visually.  I'm not too creative with words, but it's even tougher to get them structurally organized.  This isn't the final, so any feedback is of course welcomed --AND HIGHLY NEEDED, in my opinion. 

so thank you in advanced for looking!

Final Edit: Sans Serif

Finally, the last iteration of a product that actually speaks about my artistic persona.  I believe I have hit the mark-stylistically- with this one. It is a complete and unexpected divergence from my previou attempts.   I am quite open to placement suggestions, however, since I'm not really an expert on placement and the like!

Front of card

Back of card:

Edit 1

As i stated previously, I wanted to rework the image into something more original.  I came up with two designs I thought might work and, as Kathy suggested, I tried to move the decoration around on my previous final piece.  (Is that more or less what you meant, Kathy?).

This last iteration is the one just previous my final choice (displayed above) and the one that lead me to placing the wording around the "paint spot". 

First Try:

This is the result of the first unit on Sans Serif.  I used, as the tutorial showed, type elements as decoration to try it out.  Even though I chose this as the final piece, I'm still going to re-work it into a more original design.  As an illustrator, I feel this is more on the designer side than my usual organic/illustrator side.  Overall, I'm pleased with the colors and the font i chose, however i'm a little doubtful of the placement of the supplemental wording. 

Here are some of the other iterations I considered.  I really like the way text becomes more dynamic when it's partially coming off the page, thats something i tried to do with these earlier iterations, but I imagine it didn't work out:

This last one was the one I did right before the final one I chose.  The type/decoration at the top is in the same cream color as most of the text which i felt was too heavy and unbalanced.


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