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Business Card / Paragraph

-Business Cards-

These are my cards. They have always been plain; I write the information the person needs on it, I think its more personal. 

There are different levels of black used, and whats cool is some look better than others. Imagine that. Mid grey is the one I went with.

Light Grey

Mid Grey

Dark Grey

Soft Black


This is the first version of my paragraph, with some rough editing on the font and leading and tracking.

Now, this is my paragraph with the use of justification. 

The pic suggested by Ellen is a fantastic tip. The pic though, would lend itself better to a sans font, maybe because it would better go with the (1) square shape of the pic, and (2) the basic, modern feel of the pic.

Like this:

-Final Cards-

I worked around with different ways of color in the type and decited to pull an idea that I had for cycling jersey designs, which is a nubula colored type.

These are my drafts

I finally went with this:

Which turned out like this (using vistaprints preview):


This class has been fantastic, in the british sence of the word, because I feel its more meaningful that way.


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