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                  Bushido is a brand based in Boston, MA by two friends looking to build something from the ground up and take a different direction in life than the normal grind of the nine-to-five.

                  The Japanese word “bushido” is literally translated as “the way of the warrior” and is a set of moral principles for samurais to live their life by. The values stress loyalty, bravery, honor unto death, veracity, civility, integrity and compassion. The way of the samurai is dictated by balance.

                   Life is a war where you are continually faced with certain adversities that you must battle and overcome.  Bushido is a doctrine that not only teaches you how to be a warrior, but also tells you how to live a well-balanced and fulfilling life to achieve things you once thought were out of reach.  It is a path towards a clearer understanding of how to live your life on your terms without barriers.

                   Bushido aims to promote creativity through the chaos of life.  Stand with us as we traverse the calamity and achieve greatness through unity and perseverance.   We are all the warriors of tomorrow; a new generation of samurai.


                     Loyalty - Bravery - Honor - Veracity - Civility - Integrity - Compassion


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