Burt the Blobby Monster

Burt the Blobby Monster - student project

I had a lot of fun using the shape builder tool to create my monster. More practice will help with my workflow, but getting to know this tool better will have many benefits now that I understand it better. 

I didn't have any plans going into this for how my monster would look. I started with a bunch of overlapping circles for the main shape of the body, and played with shapes for the arms, eyes, and other elements as I went.

My video above doesn't show the whole process- I was already about 40 minutes in at that point and stopped the recording. Unfortunately I forgot to restart when I went back to work. The pictures below show the final monster and the final monster in outline mode. 



Burt the Blobby Monster - image 1 - student project



Burt the Blobby Monster - image 2 - student project