Burning the To-Do List

I have two main goals that'll break down into smaller more specific ones. Firstly I, like a lot of people I know, have lists - things I want to do, fun art project ideas, books I want to read, as well as lists of things I think I should do. Probably like fewer people I also have a processing disorder (termed a Non-Verbal Learning Disability) - I have an incredibly hard time doing math in my head, I read slowly (but very thoroughly) and there are plenty of occasions where my retention of things like dates and times I'm supposed to be somewhere suffer for it. I have been told most of my life since we first looked into this issue in middle school that I had adapted to a point there was no further help teachers or other support staff could offer - sadly that didn't help much in college when getting grades in chemistry that caused an advisor to tell me not to bother trying to go to vet school.

My free time is also very precious to me and I hate feeling like I am not up on things because I've got other things I want to work on at home and leave industry magazines and articles piling up on my desk.

Goal #1: I want to increase my reading speed and comprehension to a point where I am able to quickly and effectively read any relevant article or industry magazine so that I can easily include that task as a part of my morning routine at work.

Goal #2: I want to increase my reading speed (I'm not sure to what as I don't know how fast I read now) to the point where I can easily be reading at minimum two books a month for fun and further learning and get those lists of books I want to read out of the dusty spot they occupy in my brain.

Goal #3: I want to push my retention to a point where I personally no longer notice my processing delay - specifically as an example I want to be able to calculate the tip in my head and keep a running total of the approximate cost of what's in my shopping cart without using my phone. Also I want to be able to remember important phone numbers and map routes in my head so my phone is merely a back up in case of an emergency and not this attention sucking thing I'm currently tethered to.

I'll try to get more specific as I learn more about my learning through this course.


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