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Burning Man #1Photo10ways

Burning Man 2013 was an amazing experience for me, so I figured a photo from that would be a lot of fun to play around with!

Here is the original image:

For my first photo, I was toying around in one of the apps and found a font that hit right next to the sculpture in just the perfect way (note: Truth is Beauty is the name of the sculpture). I was pretty excited the curve of the "s" aligning nicely next to the woman's body, so I decided to stick with that font, and I added a border--which I'm not usually fond of but thought it made the letters pop more.

My second photo was so much fun to create! I'm normally not a big fan of adding text or design to photos, so this is a big change from what I'm used to. I loved the app I used for this, especially the design elements--part of the reason I opted to go with a circular photo instead of a rounded edge, which I was originally working with.

I had to play around a bit to figure out what I did and didn't like for collages. The collage apps I already had were pretty basic, so I wanted to avoid just a bunch of squares with the photo. I really liked the one app that allowed me to cut the lines for the collage, and I probably did about 5 of them because it felt like the possibilities were endless. Here's what I created:

Below is the second collage I made. I'm 50/50 on the border--I wish there were a way to change it to be a different color instead of black. But, my goal was to work with fewer photo frames, so this worked.

Overall, I didn't like doing collages too much with just the one image, and I found that I this created a bit of a mental road block. I tried a few other times to make collages and they didn't look too interesting, so I've decided to move on for now and possibly return later.

Using filters was so cool, and I really liked two of the apps that were used. I've always wondered what apps I can use to get cool filters and effects, and finally I have them. Here are two examples of what I worked on:

I loved using filters and effects that changed the colors, since I was a little tired of looking at the orange and light pink in the original!


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