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Burlesque for the Boardroom: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Vagina

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Vagina

Today at Burlesque for the Boardroom, we're revealing the secret to a performer's sex appeal, and getting the foundations of feminine leadership under our garter belt. Click to join me in the Boardroom and discover:

  • What makes a burlesque performer so sexy (the answer might surprise you);
  • 6 essential components of self-awareness;
  • How getting out of your head and into your vagina will make you irresistible.

But first, a special backstage message from the women of Sinner Saint Burlesque. (EMBEDED VIDEO)

Sexy. Smart. Powerful. Burlesque for the Boardroom is where business, politics & pleasure join forces to show the world what women's leadership looks like on women's terms. Join me to strengthen your influence and confidence while celebrating the glorified feminine. 



(This is the first lesson in a 4 week online program. My business goals are to drive users to my website, build brand awareness, and to test engagement with the content I'm providing. After testing the content I will use campaigns to drive sales of products/services)


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